I know that sugar can add just the 'right touch' to your cereal, is so good in cheesecake, and is hidden in many foods.  I also know that as a trainer, I need to remind you about sugar 'facts' that we tend to ignore or overlook, yet expect 'results' when 'over consumption' of it, is still going on.....


• Sugar Weakens Your Immune System
• Sugar Causes Insulin Resistance
• Sugar is As Addictive As Hard Drugs
• Sugar Speeds Up the Aging Process
• Sugar Raises Your Risk of Disease
• Sugar Is Empty Calories



Please, I continue to ask you, please try to cut down on your sugar consumption-if you do reduce your sugar intake, you will see a huge difference, a beneficial one, I promise!

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Scott says... (Reply)
"If you want to live a "SWEET" life, avoid sugar!" (8/5/14)