You may not feel about what’s happening inside... but when you exercise regularly, it can actually help you to maintain a healthy and fit body. Workouts help your body to release more fat-burning molecules. The fitter you are, the more fat you burn and that is something the scale can’t measure.

Having your weight at a certain number is good, but the scale can’t tell you how fit you are or how much muscle you have.

Relying on the scale may make you feel like those exercises which helped you burn calories, get stronger, protect your body from diseases, and made you more fit than you were before, but not helped you in decreasing your body weight...are just a waste of time.


There are so many important changes happening in your body that the scale can’t measure or detect.

However, if the scale is not affecting you in a negative way, then it is okay to continue to jump on the scale every few days.... If weighing yourself motivates you in a positive way and it’s not making you feel like you are a failure, there is no reason to change what you are doing.

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