“I’ll start tomorrow”, "Next time", "Soon"...these words/phrases uttered to me (many a time), tell me one thing – something is not getting done/you are putting off doing something.  I say, ‘Let’s try to strengthen your shoulders a bit more by doing…', the response – “Not today".  I say, "Starting today, please try to cut out french fries from your diet"…, the response, "I’ll cut them out starting tomorrow".


Remember you can’t get much done by starting tomorrow.  The best way to get something done is to begin, so what are you waiting for?

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vanessa says... (Reply)
"Your comments are so inspiring and true. I hear those responses ALL the time and I just know they are excuses then they wonder why they don't lose weight! Keep them coming Nadja!" (9/6/14)
Scott Hamilton says... (Reply)
"Waiting for tomorrow adds more weight to your future!
Don't put off losing weight today, it just makes it tougher to take off pounds tomorrow." (9/6/14)