Exercisers often try to find the trendiest fat burning workouts or a hot new fitness gadget to jump start their program. Keep in mind that the most effective workout plan is going to be the one that you stick to for the long-term. It is best to set up and maintain a healthy food plan along with an effective exercise program. There really is no need for fancy gadgets.


The most important component of a successful workout plan is CONSISTENCY. It may not feel good every day, but if you maintain your commitment on the hard days, you're more likely to see the results that you deserve. If you find that you just can't 'get started', you may need to hire a personal trainer for accountability and accuracy.

Make a commitment to do some form of physical activity every day, every single day.

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Scott Hamilton says... (Reply)
"That's great advice. Being consistent is the greatest challenge, yet the simplest way to approach exercise. " (11/20/16)