You are ready to get fit when:


  • You get up early to exercise despite ‘not enough sleep’, because you KNOW you MUST  reach your goals. It means NO EXCUSES.
  • You do not add some small extras like coffee creamer, coffee milk, a popsicle, here and there.
  • Once your body gets accustomed to a certain weight, you know you must not stay at that comfortable level. You know it is time to lift heavier weight, and/or even do more reps.
  • You understand that you are not going to die from resisting tempting food.
  • You understand that training does not equal the right to a reward as in some food you aren’t supposed to eat.
  • You keep at it and stay strong even when you want to give up. You do not eat crap because you know that isn’t the solution.
  • You are not afraid of discipline and understand it's a part of the concept of getting lean and fit.
  • You are not afraid of giving yourself tough love when you need it.
  • You know that while you may be doing more than other people, you are also confident in the fact that you will get rewarded. Yes, you will see and feel the results!


Last and definitely not least - you are ready to get fit when you know you don't need the cookies at work!



I know the above may sound quite stringent; but why not pick one, master it, then add another and another and another...


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