You can’t have your cake and lose fat too.

When it comes to body change, you MUST sacrifice.  If fat loss is truly what you seek, you must first make the decision to give up those 'goodies' that are not in line with that goal. Next, begin forming NEW habits around your new goal. Instead of happy hour, exercise.  Instead of watching 'too much' TV, you MUST prep food.  Instead of sleeping in, get up and move - do some cardio. Hard choices, I know, but they are necessary and unavoidable if you want to focus on your desired physique. Don't think - “I can’t believe I have to eat chicken when everyone else is having pizza!!’ - instead positively affirm your choice (“Eating chicken and veggies is the healthier choice and it's delicious too! If I continue on this path, I will be one step closer to my goal”).

Add Comment says... (Reply)
"I wish my husband would e thus advice. I am going to read it to him because he finds every excuse to eat sweets especially at Christmas! " (12/16/13)
Melinda says... (Reply)
"I love these reminders! I am trying to shed some pounds and need to keep reminding myself what I'm gaining while I'm losing. This way, I don't feel so deprived." (4/30/15)