The truth is, it is highly recommended (by myself and several others, ha, ha) that we exercise frequently and consistently...up to an hour on most days...One recipe for health (and weight loss) is to workout aerobically, to really focus on increasing your heart rate.  This commitment to exercise is supposed to help benefit you, by reducing the risk of a number of chronic diseases, and help you to control your weight, if you maintain consistency.  I am so proud of you, if you are willing to commit!!  The only problem is that you now probably consider yourself "consciously active" and you are, especially compared to most of Americans.  BUT....what do you do for the rest of the day? Are you sitting at a desk, in a car, on a plane, watching TV, etc.?, If yes, still considers you mostly sedentary (not active enough).  Being sedentary can lead to increased insulin resistance - even if you have been active for one hour daily.  This can also lead to higher levels of unhealthy fatty acids circulating in your bloodstream.
In other words, don't think that the hour of activity that some of you do, (so diligently and faithfully), makes up for several hours of sitting.  Simply put, you need to get up and move- move regularly. Take a stroll/walk whenever you can; park a bit further away from that building you are going to; move around your house every time a commercial pops up during your TV watching time (instead of just sitting there); always choose to take the stairs (instead of an elevator or escalator) whenever possible.


We all need to MOVE, MOVE NOW, not later!

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vanessa says... (Reply)
"Wow! Couldn't have said it better! I am guilty of that sometimes although I work out very hard for 1 hour then I may not do anything for a couple hours (my trainer is merciless!) but I am going to be more active for the rest of the day now. Thanks Nadja!" (2/8/14)