As the world turns up the volume on disease and death, I've decided to turn up the volume on health and healing. I must move more, rest more, and more (more fruit and veggies:).


It's easy to feel really bad during this NEVER SEEMING TO END COVID time...however, why not focus on being as healthy as possible as this will only strengthen you inside and out!


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steve flint says... (Reply)
"Hi Nadja
Nice to hear from you. I just finished some floor exercises and now going to swim laps. Keep sending the motivational messages they help a lot." (11/16/20)
Judy Bartoletti says... (Reply)
"Trying so hard to stay healthy and fit. Miss you and your class so much." (11/16/20)
Deb Matalon says... (Reply)
"Thanks for helping us look for the positive! Now that the weather has become a little cooler, cooking up fall veggies sounds wonderful!" (11/16/20)
Kelli says... (Reply)
"Love that beginning — time to focus on health and healing indeed. Keep inspiring 💪🏽 " (11/17/20)
Mary says... (Reply)
"A lot of positivity here; it motivates you, it makes you want to do more, to take better care of yourself. Thank you." (11/17/20)
Lynette James says... (Reply)
"This is so true. During such a challenging time, positive action is necessary; I try to move a bit more each day and up the fruit and veggie intake - I'm feeling better already!
Thank you." (11/17/20)
Tricia says... (Reply)
"Being healthy is a great focal can spread to other areas of our lives.
Thanks for those really inspiring words, Nadja!! " (11/18/20)