To me, consistency is crucial in ALL areas of life. As the saying goes: "Consistency is a habit that we can depend on (to get things done), even when we're not feeling motivated".


Client: Nadja, I walked 12,000 steps today:)

Nadja: That's wonderful! How many steps did you walk yesterday?

Client: Maybe 2,000

Nadja: I see....when last did you accomplish 12,000 steps before this time?

Client: Oh, I don't know, this hardly ever happens..

Nadja: I see...



Client: I did 10 push ups today.

Nadja: That's awesome. Can we aim for that again tomorrow or maybe on Friday?

Client: Heck no. I did it once and that may be the only time I do 10, especially on my own.

Nadja: I see...


I get it - consistency can be difficult, especially when no one is clapping for you.

However, progress comes about by being consistent. Try this: Pick one thing and see if you'll do it every single day for at least 7 days straight. Whether it is walking for 10 minutes after each meal, doing a 30 second plank, or stretching every morning and every evening (2 mins is sufficient).


You will feel better and know that you can clap for yourself.


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Mary says... (Reply)
"Yup need to be consistent, which I need to work on everyday!!!" (7/14/22)
Barb says... (Reply)
"This is so true. Wise words." (7/14/22)