While there are many general wellness mistakes committed on a daily basis, I know of two extremely common ones. One is having poor posture habits and the other one is a lack of sleep.


Having poor posture tends to lead to back pain and more stress on the joints. Try the following to improve your posture:

  1. Vary your movement: Transition from sitting to standing positions OFTEN throughout the day to realign your spine and relieve pressure in the neck or back. 
  2. Find your "perfect" seated posture: For ideal alignment of your head and spine, imagine that your head is being pulled straight up by a string, lift your chest and draw in your abdominals.
  3. Stretch and strengthen: Exercises like yoga or core training will help your muscles build strength and resistance against poor posture.


Lack of sleep tends to affect many areas of our lives. It affects energy levels, our mood, willingness to exercise and the quality of food choices.

Try to reduce distractions when it is time for bed. No 'screen' as I say frequently; in other words, try to leave technology outside the bedroom door..no television, no phone, no laptop, etc...instead, relax and think of three things to be grateful for.


Having 'enough' sleep (at least 7 hours is a good goal to have), helps to improve your memory, attention span and creativity; it also helps in cutting down on inflammation.

We actually tend to perform better (both at work and at play) when we get adequate rest/sleep.



What other general wellness mistakes are you making? For example, are you getting too much sun exposure? Are you trying to make too many BIG changes too soon?


Try to be more aware of your daily habits and seek ways to improve them...for the sake of your health!


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Scott Hamilton says... (Reply)
"Great advice. Thanks!" (1/7/19)