A new year is here and we all have good intentions that tend to fall by the wayside..

I know that no matter how much I try to encourage you, coach you, spend time with you, work with you...in the end it is really up to you to make some NECESSARY changes...see the following suggestions and REPLACE as quickly as you can; after all success requires replacement:


REPLACE "I can't" with "I will try and try again" ("I can't" implies helplessness/unwillingness)

REPLACE complaining with gratitude (you will have more energy to work on your goals)

REPLACE blame with responsibility (own up to your mistakes and work on getting better)

REPLACE alcohol with water (it will make your skin, bank account, and stomach so much better)

REPLACE overthinking with action (more movement works!)

REPLACE Netflix marathons with sleep (you know who you are:)

REPLACE toxic friends with mentors (time to let go of people who try to hold you back)


I wish you a happy and much healthier New Year...


What will you REPLACE today?





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Maricela Tejeda says... (Reply)
"Nadja, I hope I will be able to take you up on most of these suggestions, thank you!" (1/5/20)