It is the season to be thankful.  As a matter of fact, we all have so much to be grateful for (all year long). We are alive and can continue to work at being healthier!


It is a time to celebrate! When you've kicked the soda habit or simply made it through the day without overeating, pat yourself on the back. You've moved closer to a healthier lifestyle without crazy or complicated diet plans.

Trying walking more, I cannot say this enough - movement makes a HUGE difference!


Treat yourself: Phone a friend, get a pedicure, buy new clothes -- or on occasion (such as on Thanksgiving Day), indulge in a small slice of cheesecake or something to your delight!


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Judy Bartoletti says... (Reply)
"Happy Thanksgiving Nadja!!! You keep me motivated and wanting to do more." (11/19/18)
Eleanor Schuster says... (Reply)
"Nadja, always inspiring messages, especially for those of us who have tried and tried without success.
Thank you!" (11/19/18)
Tricia Collins says... (Reply)
"Great idea of how to 'treat' myself this Thanksgiving. I usually treat myself waaaay too well.
Thanks, Nadja! You really help me to stay on track with my exercise and eating habits. " (11/20/18)
Patricia Harrington says... (Reply)
"Nadja - this Thanksgiving I am being grateful for all you have added to my life and how blessed I feel!" (11/20/18)