"Thanksgiving" is when we eat LOTS, drink LOTS and express our thanks.

Better to count blessings rather than the calories at this time.

To enjoy the glow of good health, exercise is a must.

We ought to be thankful every single day.

I am thankful I am still able to move daily; no matter how I am feeling - I get up, feel blessed and MOVE on. I hope you'll do the same.



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Deb says... (Reply)
"We’re thankful for you Nadja, always keeping us healthy and motivated! Wishing you a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!" (11/23/22)
Lynette says... (Reply)
"What a wonderful message, especially at this time of THANKS. I love, "better to count blessings than calories" - now I can get blessedly full instead of feeling guilty.
Happy Thanksgiving!" (11/23/22)