So it's 2022! A whole month has passed and it's time to examine ourselves a bit more honestly.

Do any of the following statements ring true?


1. It shouldn't be so difficult to bend down and tie my own shoe laces.


2. Excess weight puts additional stress on my joints; it's time to eat healthier.

3. I want to be independent as I age and not have to rely on others to take care of me.


4. Getting into better shape will improve my balance.

Some ideas:
• Have a simple goal each day. Do your goal activities early before distractions can hit.
• Arrange your day and menu ahead of time and TRY TRY TRY to stick to the plan.
• Create a reward system for small and big wins. For example, reward yourself for small wins by          putting $1 in a “stepping out” fund.
• Avoid eating out (so much).
• Find something, or someone who motivates you; someone who lets you see things in a positive        light.

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Deb Matalon says... (Reply)
"These are all great ideas! I particularly like getting exercise in early before distractions can push you off course." (2/2/22)