Poor balance, obesity (excess body fat), and weak muscles, are just a few factors that can lead to exercise injury. Try to avoid getting injured by remembering to do the following:

• Warm up
• Focus on Form
• Hire a Personal Trainer
• Stay Fueled and Hydrated
• Know When to Rest
• Change Your Workouts
• Listen to Your Body, Not Your Ego

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Corrison Lyttle says... (Reply)
"I like #3

Hire a personal trainer. :-)" (9/20/18)
Judy Bartoletti says... (Reply)
"It's all great advice" (9/21/18)
Lynette James says... (Reply)
"Very good advice especially points 1 (warm up), 2 (focus on form) and the last point (listen to your body, not your ego)." (9/22/18)