The holiday season is upon us and we need to try to (at least) NOT gain are some "Festively Fit" tips:


Festively Fit Tip #1: When you arrive at a holiday party, drink two cups of water or herbal tea before you start eating.

Festively Fit Tip #2: When you attend a holiday party or an event, find a way to avoid sitting for the majority of the time (move about the room, start a dance party, etc.).

Festively Fit Tip #3: Focus on nutritious foods during the holidays rather than on what you shouldn’t eat. Each time you eat at home or at a holiday party, add things to your plate that are good for you, such as vegetables, fruit, nuts or other healthy proteins or grains.

Festively Fit Tip #4: When you are at a party and about to fill your plate with all the goodies from the buffet, pause and ask yourself: Is it time to eat now? What have I already eaten today? What is available here that is considered healthy?



I wish you a Happy and Healthy Holiday Time!

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Judy Bartoletti says... (Reply)
"I use these eating tips all year. Merry Christmas !!!" (12/10/18)
Pat Harrington says... (Reply)
"I especially like the tip about drinking water or tea before eating. It usually works for me." (12/11/18)
Andrei James says... (Reply)
"Four simple steps - yet so hard to follow! Thanks for the tips; if followed, shouldn't be struggling to fit into my pants in January" (12/11/18)