If you want to have a healthy body, then it is time to say goodbye to:


White Bread  = Whiteheads  (white bread and white rice can lead to pimple flare-ups). Feel free to try better quality options such as brown rice and whole rye bread.


Soda = Smaller Brain.  Recent research found that people who frequently drank sugary beverages like soda and bottled ice tea were more likely to suffer from memory issues and had smaller brains overall. Try water with lemon or sugar-free iced tea.


Booze  = Breast Cancer Risk.  It is best to limit alcoholic drinks; just a single one per day leads to a slightly higher risk of breast cancer.


Deli Meats = Weaker Bones.  Deli meats are super high in sodium; excess sodium intake can increase the amount of calcium that is flushed from your body, which means there is less available for the strengthening of your skeleton/bones. Choose fresh meats over processed ones.


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"Thanks for these great health tips!" (7/20/21)