I often think about people who tell me, "Oh, I'll do it tomorrow".."I'll definitely start tomorrow"...


These people are the same people who tell me, "I need to get my blood sugar level down"..."I need to get stronger", "I need to feel better about my body", etc. A veteran recently told me, "I'll be attending your exercise sessions as the doctor warned me that if I don't exercise, he will be putting me on medication, probably for a long time; I'd rather exercise with you".


I realize that people only feel like doing activities that promise instant reward, such as - “I’d like a new cell phone; I’ll go out and buy one.” “I don't feel like cooking today; I’ll order take-out.”


For example, when a person thinks about needing to lose some weight, the thought that comes to mind is - “I have to eat better and exercise a lot more than I've been doing; this is going to take some time.”  This isn't very appealing to the person who wants instant gratification as effort is required on a consistent basis, so is patience!


Why look for a shortcut? Why not make your health a priority? 


You cannot get much done by "starting tomorrow".

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Judy Bartoletti says... (Reply)
"For me, the less I do, the less I am able to do. That is why daily exercise is a top priority. I will never give up. Love your classes Nadja. They keep me motivated." (8/31/19)
Scott Hamilton says... (Reply)
""Since I worked out today, and I will work out TOMORROW! This thought process has helped me to work out more consistently.
Thanks for your motivation! "" (8/31/19)