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In Home Personal Training
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Covid has taken over and we must fight back! Reduced mobility or feeling weak and depressed is not where we want to be! Staying active helps to keep our limbs stronger, therefore more balanced, no matter what age you may be.


Want to have a healthy lifestyle, but not quite sure WHERE to start? Or better yet, HOW to start? Nadja Lewis is a Certified Personal Trainer and her FIRST query is - What is YOUR goal? Because it’s all about YOU! Nadja wants to help YOU attain YOUR goal. 


Nadja is a CPT who offers an initial fitness assessment to create your individualized exercise program.  If you train with Nadja, and have her as your coach she will:

o Assess your physical activity readiness and track changes
o Listen to you intently
o Discuss/recommend nutritional habits
o Increase your confidence level
o Motivate you
o Help you feel and look better
o Work on helping you gain muscle tone and lose fat, as necessary

o Describe, demonstrate, and discuss fun exercises that you will love


Nadja will design a fun, safe, and effective exercise program based on what YOU wish to achieve. It’s all about results. Nadja will not just instruct you on which exercises to perform, she will also participate in doing the exercises with you - It's true teamwork! Your Individual Personal Training Program will help you in many ways: You will feel AND look better, gain strength, and improve your overall health. 


To Nadja, it’s more about progress rather than perfection.  Are you feeling "off balance" - physically AND emotionally? Want to be more flexible - physically AND in attitude? Want to feel AND be stronger - physically AND emotionally? Nadja is a Certified Personal Trainer who will work very hard to make YOU feel better, more energized! Train with Nadja Lewis and you WILL have these wants fulfilled! 


Nadja will recommend exercises based on YOUR personal fitness goals. She wants to make sure that your mind gets a 'workout' too; she knows that a stimulated mind + exercise = RESULTS.  She will motivate you to stick with an exercise lifestyle.  Best of all, she will come to you.  No need to leave the comfort of your home; Nadja has the right tools to get the desired results (such as a healthy heart, strong body and mind).  If you want to feel AND look younger; if you want to be in a better mood, train with Nadja.  Training with Nadja means having more flexibility, less pain.

Being versatile makes all the difference for Nadja. Who is Nadja interested in training? EVERYONE!!! Nadja is experienced in working with a variety of population groups - from children to older adults; the overweight/obese population; and the extremely small and skinny! All ages, shapes and sizes are of interest to Nadja as a trainer. She is here to help YOU!


As a YES (Youth Exercise Specialist) Nadja loves working with the young ones!


As a Certified Senior Fitness Specialist; she loves working with Seniors! (Gentleman to the left was 96 when photo was taken in 2013).

Nadja has had clients as old as 104!


2018: Nadja now helps the veterans of California to move more; that's right, she is Fitness Instructor/Consultant to the retired veterans in the W. Los Angeles area; she is loving it!


Speaking of group exercise, Nadja is also a Fitness Instructor at

YMCA. She has been teaching "A Matter of Balance" since 2016.

You are never too young, you are never too old to 'balance'.


Nadja also has knowledge on proper nutrition and knows that it should not be ignored in personal training.  We all ‘know’ what’s good for the body, but somehow, we get distracted with the ‘other’ stuff.  Nadja will help keep you on track with proper nutrition, and teach you the importance of drinking water; it should be a part of your daily routine.


If you are determined, committed, and ready for a healthy lifestyle, do not hesitate to contact Nadja.  Being healthy means living longer with less pain, less stress, and with a lower chance of contracting certain diseases. Nadja is motivated each and every day and wants to share her motivation with YOU.  Practice the E’s - Eat right, Exercise frequently, and Eradicate the unhealthy.


The exercises that Nadja will plan for you are challenging AND enjoyable.  Nadja wants you to feel good about yourself - YOU talk, she will listen.  Nadja will also show you how to perform exercises the proper way, to lessen the possibility of injury and possible subsequent pain.


Remember  - YOUR success is Nadja's success.  Nadja Lewis' greatest passion comes from seeing YOU succeed. There are no limits - EVERYONE is welcome to train with Nadja.  Contact Nadja Lewis today!