Get to know Nadja: 


Nadja Lewis is a Certified Personal Trainer in the Los Angeles area, with a lot of passion for what she does. Nadja has always learned as much as possible so she could share her knowledge with others. She did NOT do a quick online certificate personal training course. Instead, Nadja went to a Personal Training Academy (partners with NASM) for several months to learn it all the right way, while getting real practice in the gym. 


Nadja studied hard, had lots of ‘hands on’ training in the gym, and graduated Valedictorian!! Originally from Jamaica, she grew up with the mindset of always being quick and ready for whatever life throws at you.  


Since Elementary School days, Nadja was top athlete in every sport she participated in. She met Donald Quarrie and Merlene Ottey (track stars in ‘their day’) and realized the high standards they had set-she aspired to be as strong as they were. She worked hard and participated in many sports; track was her favorite - 100 meters, 200 meters and 400 meters. She also was an avid swimmer, and actually saved two high school friends from drowning - now that's swimming!!! Nadja has a wonderful daughter, who knows the importance of staying active; she was named MVP of her basketball team (2012). She stays in excellent shape by playing squash and by studying law at Stanford Law School (mental health is just as important as physical health).


Nadja Lewis always presents herself with a winning mind and attitude. She is a trainer who practices what she preaches. She works out daily, as she knows that exercising is CRUCIAL to having a healthy lifestyle. Nadja is the kind of trainer who doesn't just tell her clients what and how to work out, but works out alongside her clients. 


Nadja is certified as a Personal Trainer, a Senior Fitness Specialist and most recently (2021) as a Youth Exercise Specialist. She has extensive knowledge in many areas, such as: Posture Analysis; Golf Conditioning; Senior Fitness; Cancer Exercise, and Balance. Nadja is in the Los Angeles area and states - “It's all about mindset AND individual differences!". Feeling BETTER is of utmost importance to Nadja. She believes you can always do more, "just try".  Her personal motto is, “TEN MORE!”. Anybody who has seen her in the gym knows that she will push you to do your best. Nadja will help you realize that you CAN do more, so why not do it…She trains anyone who really wants to feel better and is willing to put in the work to achieve.

Nadja works with all 'sorts' and has fun in the process - she loves a challenge!


To keep her certifications current and active, she continues to educate herself in all fields of fitness - endurance, strength, balance training, and nutrition, and much more.


Why Nadja Lewis? Why not? Not only is she a very motivating person, Nadja also cares about what you want to accomplish. She is willing to travel to you for your convenience and comfort. Her rates are affordable and extremely competitive. She is honest and will always be there for you! Nadja constantly preaches: "You can have results or excuses. Not both." 


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