70s, 80s, & the 100s!
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This lady in her 70s wants stronger arms and shoulders!
Tricep extension, yes!
Trying to get the bar lower... not easy!
Walking on the treadmill, walk walk walk!
Trying again..
Got it, so proud of this determined lady!
In her mid-eighties, this lady says, "I want a stronger core"!
Balancing...yup, that's the name of this game!
Effective way to a stronger core-the plank!
Yes, this "80 something" young lady is strong, and yes she does pushups! AMAZING!
Don't neglect the arm area, work it!
This lady is 100 years YOUNG!!! We meet twice a week and she..works it!!
Resistance training to help keep muscle mass!
Here she is again, a day before turning 101...it shall continue...