My Young 'Un Stays Active
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Can you swim or float or just enjoy? Water fun is a great way to get active!
Words cannot describe - incredibly beautiful!
Snorkeling fun with close friend - Thailand
Lawyer and lawyer to be (my girl:) having some fun away from the USA
Some serious climbing (Costa Rica)
Rock climbing or just posing or both ha ha (Las Vegas)
Gotta support the LA Dodgers (@ Dodger Stadium LA)
Santa Monica - beach time (during the height of COVID)
Riding the buggy (South Africa)
Daring pose, why not?
ATV riding - Malaysia
WOWWWWWW!! Sky diving -Namibia
ATV riding - South Africa
Dunn's River Falls - Oho Rios Jamaica
Jumping in the air, they say - Costa Rica
Tarzan swing over the water - Uganda
Going for a walk in the Hawaiian forest
Modified stretch - Hawaii
Balancing on the rocks-Croatia
Having fun with Knights In Armor - Crotia
Uh-oh...truth or dare time, ha ha
Posing in Malaysia - beautiful young lady and place!
It's just an illusion...ha ha...having fun topsy turvy