Casual Holiday Workout
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Presents were present, ha ha and then I decided to "create" a casual workout
Time to get down to business
Get down on your elbows, keep your hips off the floor if you can
This is a great position to challenge your core
On your hands is a great way to "plank"
Ready to advance? Lift one leg off the floor
Challenge yourself to get your hands completely flat on the ground, modify by starting in a chair
Adding weights (not weight:) will help your bones get stronger
I'm soooo into balance
Feeling strong is my daily goal
Swing to get some cardio in, good for the heart
Arms always need attention, don't neglect
Balance plus shoulder work...ouch but oh so good
Right leg up, left arm up holding weights = balance and strength
You can modify by keeping foot on the floor
When ready try to lift leg with bend in knee and hold for a few seconds
This balance move helps your hip flexors
Do this sitting down or put hand on counter/chair instead of on shoulder
Yes, yes and yes, I'm loving this