Thanks To Covid-19...
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This is true..anyone else?
Seriously!! Whatever day it is, exercise is key!
What bad habit have you been able to let go of?
To be healthy and able to exercise!
How I feel after exercising:)
Gotta work the legs!!
Woke up from a nightmare thinking - what if I can never exercise again?! HA HA
Went for a long walk and decided to...climb a bit, ha ha
Get those dumbbells out and work out!
More than 6 feet apart, but close in the heart!
This lady is amazing; she knows she must stay balanced!
I love this..thinking of training 2 people at the same time here:)
Decided to try and train my client's dog. This is Step ONE...
"Keep my head down, she'll probably leave me alone"...this is Step TWO...
Finally decides to look at me..this is Step 3.
Looks at me as if I'm crazy..can I just have a treat instead? This is Step 4. SIGH....ha ha ha..
World feels somewhat upside down!
My new look?!
I miss teaching at the Y and I miss helping the veterans get stronger!