Workers Need Exercise TOO
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At the veterans home..
Nurses have to stretch too!
She was determined to touch...
Great form, can you stretch like this?
Well, we get it from all angles, don't we? HA HA...
It's great to have a "fitness watch" or device to track your progress...
Trying to reach your toes daily is a good goal.
Reach up-never stop reaching for something higher!
The more the merrier. Workers need to move and be ready to help others!
This looks and feels great~
After our workout, we are ready for just about anything!
All I will say is-this trainer thinks the blue hair will attract more...clientele.
At a TRAINERS' training..
I wouldn't mind having this lady as my trainer..
Some people have difficulty lying on their stomach area-don't give up.
Stretching improves mobility!
Stretching with a mini foam roller, works!
Trainers must DO, not only SAY!!
So many of us trainers in one room, working with (not against) each other.