People tend to use "Thanksgiving Time" as the entry point into a two-month holiday binge ("I'll get back on the healthy plan in the New Year"). Instead of doing this, try to focus on enjoying the day's meals even if they aren't quite as healthy as you had planned/hoped.

Go back to making better choices the very next day ("Black Friday").


Starting a healthy new lifestyle is challenging enough in your regular routine; however, the true test is when you throw a food-focused holiday (such as Thanksgiving) into the mix. By concentrating on your goals, making thoughtful choices, and practicing mindful eating, it is possible to end the day feeling thankful—and not just full!




Think about your thighs before you eat those pies (ha ha ha).

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Maricela Tejeda says... (Reply)
"Nadja - Thank you for this great advice, especially about being mindful about what we are eating; and as you are ALWAYS saying - drink water, lots of it...especially before eating.

Happy Thanksgiving! Give thanks and keep on giving (great advice:)." (11/26/19)