1. Stair Climbing Burns More Calories Than Jogging (less pressure on the knees)
2. Stair Climbing Reduces the Risk of Stroke
3. Stair Climbing Improves Cardiovascular Fitness (heart health)
4. Stair Climbing Strengthens Muscles (who doesn't want to feel stronger?)
5. Stair Climbing Is an Easy Way to Combat a Sedentary Lifestyle
Taking the stairs whenever possible is a quick and easy way to break out of that sedentary lifestyle and add more physical activity and movement to your everyday life. 


Oh yeah, a very important reason to avoid the elevator and take the stairs - 
6. You Don’t Have to Listen to Elevator Music (ha ha ha)

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Judy Bartoletti says... (Reply)
"I always, always do stairs before elevators !!!" (2/10/19)
Patricia says... (Reply)
"I used to avoid stair climbing but you convinced me of its benefits some time ago; since then, stairs are becoming more familiar to me than the elevator and it certainly makes a (positive) difference! " (2/11/19)
Scott Hamilton says... (Reply)
"I like the idea of "Climbing the Stairway to Health"!" (2/12/19)