I meet mainly two types when it comes to working out.  First type - “I will exercise, but will eat what I want to eat”.  Second type - “I will change my eating habits for the better, but will only exercise at my comfort level”.  It’s time to wake up everybody, changes in BOTH diet and exercise means achieving your health and fitness goals. If you are going to be alive, don’t you want to be healthy?

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Vanessa says... (Reply)
"I agree with that because I talk to so many of my patients that prefer to exercise at their own pace and then others just eat good and because they end up losing weight they think they don't need to exercise. They usually wait until they get a major illness before they get wise!" (1/31/13)
Scott says... (Reply)
"To achieve "fitness" you can't have one without the other." (1/31/13)