So here we are in the month of March and we just need to move; no need to run, just time to MARCH. Here are a few tips/reminders as time waits for no one..


Sit less (if possible)

Try to believe in "one more", whether it's one more minute of walking or simply one more stretch

Eat more veggies

Pay proper attention to your "just before bed habits"; maybe it's time to change something - perhaps less "screen time"?

Stop looking for a quick fix; quick fixes usually don't last and could actually bring more harm than charm.


Please-if all you can do is MARCH, then MARCH away, whether while sitting or standing.


It's time to move, MARCH in MARCH and feel better!

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Deb Matalon says... (Reply)
"Thanks for the “one more” mantra as one more is just enough to lead to one more and another one and before you know it you’ve accomplished more than you thought you could!" (3/20/24)