Clients tell me they have read that they shouldn't ignore messages from their bodies...I say, 'Okay, what's your body been telling you?


They say, (which really is just the 'Old Way Of Thinking/Old Excuse'):  "I need to listen to my body, and it wants ice cream."

New Way Of Thinking:  "What I want or what my body is telling me, isn't necessarily what I need."


We all have wants...we want stuff that we know isn't that good for us. Don't mix up real hunger with just a craving.  If you are really hungry, then you won't be too picky about having to eat a specific food..your tummy may be growling and you need to eat something...however, if you only want that big chocolate chip cookie, then that is not so much hunger as it is a simple craving.  When you indulge, you may feel good at that moment, but later on (especially if you get on a scale...), you may not feel so proud of yourself.



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vanessa says... (Reply)
"This is so true because many people confuse hunger with craving.......the latter can put you in serious trouble!

Happy mothers day!" (5/11/14)
Scott says... (Reply)
"Disciplined people know the difference between wants and needs. We need to make sure we don't get the two confused while deciding what to eat or when we are to spend money." (5/12/14)