If you think you’re following "the rules" and still not seeing results, perhaps you need to take a closer look at your daily habits. The following "STOPS" could aid you with your weight loss and overall healthy goals:


STOP drinking so many smoothies and juices (you know who you are).


STOP using so much cooking oil (use cooking oil sparingly to cut back on calories).


STOP drinking diet soda (artificial sweeteners may lead to insulin resistance).


STOP rewarding workouts with food (an occasional splurge rather than a daily occurrence is acceptable:).


STOP stressing every day (easier said than done I know; "stress eating" may lead to an increase in calorie consumption and poor food choices. Learn to let go and let exercise:).


STOP spending so much time on the treadmill (while this isn't a bad thing, strength training is also necessary; it helps retain muscle).


STOP ditching the [healthy] fat (healthy "fatty" foods such as salmon help to keep you feeling fuller longer so you'll be less likely to eat more unhealthy foods).


STOP staying up late (getting enough sleep helps the body in many ways...such as, there is more energy and a better metabolic rate-to burn calories more efficiently).



How many STOPS have you been practicing?


How many STOPS are you willing to start?


How many STOPS will you do to get to the top of your healthy goals?






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Debbie says... (Reply)
"What a great list!

I never think about how much Olive oil I am really using and this was an eye opener!

Thanks for keeping us healthy!!

Deb" (3/20/20)