Why are you still obsessing over the number you see when you get on the scale? This number is not the best indicator to measure your progress. Two people who weigh the same can look very different - one may have a high percentage of fat, the other a high percentage of muscle. The scale doesn't tell you that finally you can do five push ups. It doesn't tell you that your blood pressure is now normal, etc. Try to focus more on the number of cups/bottles of water you ingest daily. Drinking ('enough') water will help a body in many ways. Water is known to: Improve digestion, boost brain function, and increase your energy levels.


Cut out soda and juice beverages in favor of pure water. Water does a body good!


So what are you waiting for? Time to drink (water, that is:).

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Maricela Tejeda says... (Reply)
"Great advice, Nadja, I will try to keep this mind.
Thank you!" (9/18/19)
Deb Matalon says... (Reply)
"Nadja - that message is just what I needed! I’ve been frustrated by the scale rather than focusing on the progress!
Thank you!!" (9/19/19)
Pat Harrington says... (Reply)
"Thank you for the reminder; though I try to do some things automatically, it seems like I need such reminders on a more frequent basis:)" (9/19/19)