You know the saying - "You get what you pay for"'s something to think about..


Is getting more food for your money always of good value? Have you noticed that it only costs a few cents more to get larger sizes of fries or soft drinks at restaurants? Getting a larger portion of food for just a little extra money may seem like a great bargain...BUT you end up with MORE food and MORE calories than you need for your body to stay healthy. So it may be better to stick to the smaller size(s) and seemingly pay more with money rather than with your health.


Think before you buy! Think before drink! Think before you sink!

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Maricela says... (Reply)
"Great advice " (1/12/20)
Andrei James says... (Reply)
"True. This is evident in documentaries such as “Supersize Me”. More is not always best, or to use an old adage “Quality over quantity”" (1/12/20)
Pat says... (Reply)
"What seems to be a bargain often doesn't turn out to be." (1/12/20)