To commit (and stay committed) to a healthier lifestyle, consider the following tips:


  • Say yes before you can say no:  Instead of saying, " I don't have time", realize that  you do!
  • Commit in advance: Pay ahead, such as hire a personal trainer (like myself:) and pay for four weeks in advance. This way you know you'll be throwing away your money if you're a "no show" to the sessions. In other words, put down a deposit and invest in yourself - you are worth it!
  • Keep expectations in check: Don't expect everything to go smoothly (at least not at first). New processes have to be tried over and over again; you'll get better at lifting weights, or playing golf or whatever you decide to do so long as you're consistent with your efforts AND remember to have fun...
  • When in doubt, move more...just keep on moving!

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