What did you eat today? What do you eat everyday? These questions were thrown at me from a client who is way too obsessed with the scale.  'I want to look like you'.  I looked at her and said, 'Every BODY is different, so we shouldn't compare.  Even if we were to eat the same exact food(s) every day, chances are your body would still be just that...your body'. Of course she wasn't pleased with that answer.  I went on to tell her that since I exercise much more than she does [she told me she does not exercise on her own] and with greater intensity (more calorie burn), it simply means that I am burning up some of the calories I may have gained in food. She said, 'I am just going to fast'.  I told her, 'If you want to try that, fine, but please do not be disappointed.  Fasting doesn't last, and any weight loss that occurs will quickly disappear if you go back to your regular (eating/exercise) habits.'


Please keep in mind the following and maybe you will think again before trying to fast.  Fasting can lead to:

Rebound Eating

Muscle Loss

Fewer Nutrient Intake

Less Sleep

AND Much More Damage To Your Body....


There is no quick fix to weight loss.  There is no magic pill to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Just be conscious of the quality AND quantity of your food, and keep on moving, every single day.  It takes time, it is not a 'fast' process.

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