Another type of fitness to consider is "Social Fitness". This type of fitness can help us feel better and may actually help prolong life a bit. Our social life is a living system and it needs exercise. "Social Fitness" means taking a good look at our relationships and figuring out if we are tending to the connections that help us thrive. Relationships can affect us physically; did that disagreement with Bob change your plan of going to the gym? Your mood tends to control your actions, and maybe even your words at times.


I have clients tell me, "I'm in a bad mood, I don't feel like doing anything"; I am the exact opposite - I'm not feeling that cheerful, therefore I must exercise in order to feel better.


"Social Fitness" is like any other area – the more you practice or exercise it, the stronger your relationships will be; reach out more and often!


Try to have healthy fitness (physical and social) at all times.



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Deb Matalon says... (Reply)
"This is a great reminder to keep good balance in our life by exercising all aspects of ourselves!" (2/12/23)