What does THANKSGIVING really mean?

• We must remember - Stuff the turkey, not ourselves!!! Stuffing ourselves with amounts of food we don't normally eat; drinking beverages (extra calories) instead of 'good ole' water; keeping so busy, therefore we don't keep up with our exercise schedules -- this describes what many of us call... "the holiday season."
• Try to keep in mind that you can enjoy the holidays and still stay on track with your 'healthy lifestyle plan':

  • Absolutely keep up with your exercise plan. Remember, exercise will help to keep your metabolic rate up, meaning more calories will be burned. Exercise will also reduce stress and help keep you feeling positive about your body.  It's important to feel positive --it's easy to overeat when feeling stressed, depressed, or bad about ourselves.


  • Go For The Greens: Choose more vegetable side dishes and try to stay away from the breads. By focusing your side dishes on the greener options, you’re more likely to fill up on them, rather than on foods that might be high in calories or carbohydrates.

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vanessa says... (Reply)
"You nailed it AGAIN! Great reminders! Nadja! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! " (11/27/13)