1. Get rid of your ill-fitting clothing. Why keep apparel that doesn't flatter your figure or make you feel good about yourself? Toss out that old sports bra, or that 'tired looking' tee shirt; then treat yourself to a brand-new replacement.

2. Throw away negative thoughts. Next time you're obsessing about your 'too big of a tummy' or 'flabby arms', write down those thoughts on a piece of paper, crumble it up and toss it in the trash. Then, write down the same number of positive comments about yourself in a notebook - those you can keep:). 

3. Whether you love macaroni and cheese, cupcakes, or another "guilty pleasure", decide that you'll only indulge in that item once a week. In other words, limit your vice.


4. Stop punishing yourself for setbacks. Okay, so you ate a whole pack of chips; don't sentence yourself to an extra hour of exercising, or a day of self-starvation. Move forward, stay focused on your goals; don't dwell on what has already happened.

5. Before eating something, ask yourself if it will benefit your body. If the answer is no, try to avoid it or indulge thoughtfully and sparingly. 



These are good reminders for myself as well..especially numbers:1, 2,3,4, and 5!

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Scott says... (Reply)
"Great advice.I especially like #1 and #2 and #3 and #4 and #5!" (11/5/16)
Merry Shapiro says... (Reply)
"Very good advice, Nadja! I am trying so hard to implement all of these ideas!" (11/8/16)
Lynette James says... (Reply)
"Love this, love this, love this!!" (11/8/16)