They say, 'Your abs, along with the rest of your physique development, start in the kitchen'. What I know is that you can’t overcome poor nutrition with training.   I know you’ve heard it before, but you’ll still have that 'small bag of fries' and tell yourself you’ll work it off later in the gym, or run a lap or two. It really doesn’t work like that. This means that you are merely training to battle poor nutrition.  You need to address your current goals: surely it's more along the lines of revealing those abdominal muscles of yours, rather than just training hard to stay the same and maintain your current physique.

Think about it, think healthy thoughts, not just, 'Oh I just ate that small cheeseburger, a trip to the gym will get rid of it!' That’s essentially what you’re doing!

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vanessa says... (Reply)
"Please keep this well needed advice coming because it is so important! Just finished a bootcamp class and I am making a banana and protein smoothie with flaxseed. No fries for me!" (2/15/14)