Keep moving throughout the day:  Get up and move around or even just stretch every 15 minutes (at least try:). This will keep your joint fluid moving and nourish your knees.  Even just a minute can help reduce the risks of sitting and will be good for your joints.

Too much sitting can also affect your mental health..


So what are you waiting for? Time to stand up!!

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Scott Hamilton says... (Reply)
""Great reminder about movement! My knees have been aching lately and I know why!"" (7/20/23)
Dorothea James says... (Reply)
"Good advice; reminds me of a high school teacher who was always telling us "stand up tall".." (7/20/23)
Andrei James says... (Reply)
"Your knees are so important for your mobility. Take care of them and they will take care of you!" (7/23/23)
Tricia says... (Reply)
"Wow! Love the love you have for your clients!! I know they work hard because of your warmth and encouragement. Love you, Lou. You inspire me💕❤️💕❤️" (7/27/23)